Three Great Pastor Anniversary Gift Ideas

  1. If the budget is tight, and you need that ever elusive combination of “maximum perceived value and minimum actual cost”, a great pastor anniversary gift idea is: an original ancient Bible leaf. A “Bible leaf” is a page taken from a fragment of an ancient Bible, showing your specific selected passage of scripture. It can be framed to suit the occasion. This is a unique, unexpected, intriguing, and always well-received gift for any senior pastor, youth minister, music minister, elder, deacon, or Sunday School teacher.

    Consider for example a 1611 First Edition King James Pulpit Bible Leaf. You can select the scripture passage of your choice… or perhaps your pastor’s favorite verse. A variety of other ancient Bible leaves are also available. These leaves (pages) are in all cases, genuine ancient originals, and not reproductions.

  2. Alternately, your pastor might appreciate the addition to his library of an entire ancient Bible in affordable facsimile reproduction form. A variety of ancient Bible facsimile reproductions is available starting well under two hundred dollars.

  3. Finally, if a more expensive gift is appropriate for your situation, consider giving your pastor an anniversary gift that will be treasured forever and passed down to the next generation… the gift of a genuine original complete ancient Bible.

    These kinds of gifts… ancient Bible leaves, and ancient Bibles… show that you put a great deal of thought into selecting your pastor anniversary gift. These are gifts that will truly make your pastor stop and say, “Wow! I cannot believe you did this for me. Where did you get this? This is amazing!” And after all, isn’t that exactly what you want to do for your pastor?

    Best of all, you can do this very affordably with ancient Bible leaves, or high quality facsimile reproductions of complete ancient Bibles, starting under two hundred dollars. Or for a very important occasion, like a 20th or 25 anniversary of service to a larger church, or a retirement gift… perhaps even an original ancient Bible starting under three thousand dollars.

    It is really not a difficult task at all. Just ask yourself, what message you are looking to send with your pastor’s anniversary gift. Then consider the gift you have in mind and think, “What message does this send?” A neck tie? A nick-knack? Or perhaps instead … an ancient printing of God’s Word?